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April 15, 2011

I created this blog some time ago, just so I could get the name before anyone else ^_~ and I did intend to use it for something too, but what? Well seeing that the name of it (princessjinifer) is my developer name, I will most likely be posting updates on my projects 🙂 especially one I bet you haven’t heard of, so unless you are in my family or I have IM’d you and your name happens to be Clara, Sarah or Naomi, you most likely haven’t heard of it 😀 I will tell you what it is later. Now most of you are probably going “a blog about programming, pass, I don’t want to read this crap I am uninterested in” hold your horses, cause note I said up there ‘most likely’ which means I will, ALONGSIDE other content you guys might like 😀 for instance, cooking, or the fitness blog I read says to post your progress publicly, I could tell you about that thing I saw yesterday, or how I am doing in my other hobbies. Maybe even post my YouTube videos here alongside ones I really like 🙂 well, considering that it is 3:20 am, and I am leaving here at 9 am [leave, not get up 😦 ] I am going to get some sleep, so I will talk to you later. No, not you, you with the face sillies!


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