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The adventures of today :D

May 24, 2011

Wellll, just like every other Monday, I went to work, it’s supposed to be 8:00-16:00 (8a-4p, yes I am nerdy and use military time ^_^) but we never make it that early, we usually get there 9-9:30, but sometimes as late as 10:30 o: but we always get off at 16:00, despite what time we got in. I sometimes work overtime, if I want, but it is never more than 10-15 minutes… Anyways, other than work, the stuff that isn’t in the norm, I ran I think a mile, gonna have to measure it tomorrow, running is new (more about this in another post) I started about 4 days ago, gonna start going in the mornings, at 7, when I force myself up. That was before work, after work, we went to Borders book store, some frozen yogurt place and central market. The frozen yogurt was pretty epic, I shoulda snapped a picture, and Borders, I read a few books, part of Catching Fire (part of The Hunger Games series) and learned a few Unix commands in a Unix book :3 (i.e. the patch command, another cat argument and the at command 😀 ) other than that, today was boring, yet eventful, I had an ending, but forgot it 😦


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  1. what are the hunger games?! Two of my friends is reading it and one said I should! O.O
    what was in the frozen yogurt? I love the stuff now

    • The Hunger Games, it is a book written by, umm, I don’t remember, but it is about the future of the United States, it is divided into 12 districts that are all controlled by the Capital. The Capital is very strict, they don’t allow much food in the districts, and are really really mean… Every I think year, The Capital comes out and chooses one boy, and one girl to go to what they call The Games that are hosted at the Capital. The Games is a big battle to the death, and whoever wins, gets a nice house and enough food to last them their lifetime. I gotta go, so just umm, read it, so I don’t have to explain it in detail ^_^

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