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The post, as I promised

June 1, 2011

So in the first post, I told you peeps that I would tell you about my super secret program that isn’t really super secret because I am apparently about to tell you. So far, only Clara, James, Naomi, Sarah, Camie, Esther and Allie know about, OH! and also me :3 so that tells you how super secret it REALLY is 😛 it’s not that I don’t want anyone knowing, I just don’t want people getting super excited about something that I am not releasing for a long time… So here it is:

You are a dude/dudette, you don’t choose your gender, and it calls you ‘you’ or whatever your name is depending on the situation, you start out in a abandoned town, with a hotel, a shop and a electrified fence. It will be very similar too, umm, idk :c I can’t think of any text based game you would have played before… It IS all text based, so there is nothing to look at other than words, I might add graphics someday, like in the distant future, or just write a whole new game… OH!! It is also Linux only, after I finish the main part of the game, I might convert it to Windoze code, if I actually feel like it, I really don’t like doing it because it is soooo slow :c  if I get enough requests, it will probably get finished.

The game will grow over time, more cities, more items, more enemies, more levels, etc… It is all a learning experiment for me, so it will never become something big… So that means it will never be uber good 😛 stick with it, and wee if you enjoy it.

The programs name? I call it “Roleplay” because it is a roleplaying game… Yes, I know, I am a bad program name decider, if you want something better? Give me ideas!!  ^_^

Here is where you can read the ugly source code if you want, it will probably make no sense to you unless you have programmed in C++ or similar 🙂


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