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iOS 5 = Awesome sounding; Progress update on Roleplay

June 8, 2011

Yes, I know there are a million blogs out there talking about the new iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Operating System) 5 update, like Lifehacker, Engadget, Gizmodo, iPhone Download Blog etc… But it just sounds soo awesome, in case you don’t know what features there already are in iPhone, or the new iOS 5, I am not telling you them here, it will just be a duplicate of what is already posted, so just google it… Anyways, I am really looking forward to Notification Center, iMessage, Emoji and iCloud, other than that, I haven’t heard/read about it or I am not too excited 😛

Update on Roleplay: There really isn’t one, I kinda wanted to show you that I have not forgotten about it, which I haven’t, I just haven’t worked on it, I think I did insert a few lines of code… It just takes forever, it sounds simple when you think it up in your mind, but once you start working, you can’t figure out where to work because there is just soo much to write!! Even though the game is small now, the code is quite lengthy, you can look at it here:

Until next time people, if there are anyone people reading this, I will try and update frequently, explain a bit more on this later…



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