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My last few weeks inside a blog post

June 29, 2011

I realized, hmm, I haven’t made a blog post since JUNE 13TH?!?!? That needs to change, so I am changing it now :3 umm, so what has been keeping me away from my blog? Laziness, work, laziness, the gym, laziness, other websites, laziness, texting OH! did I mention laziness? o.o so yeah, I have been lazy, as you can tell, I also started working a second day every week at the hospital. I think the volunteering post was before I got the new department, but I am not in the cafeteria on Mondays anymore, I forgot to request it again… Sooooo they stuck me in the Histology lab, which I am enjoying 🙂 as long as they have something for us (I have another volunteer in there with me named Shawn) to do.. Since I liked the cafeteria soo much, I decided to work there on Thursdays. I have been attending the gym alot recently with my sister, gonna get back in shape and see if mom will let me play Basketball :3 other websites including Engadget, Gizmodo, Email, Google Buzz, Lifehacker, myYearbook, YouTube, OMGUbuntu, ModMyi etc… Just alot of websites other than wordpress :3 and texting, yes I text, no you cannot text me, if you already have my number feel free to text me, if not, then I am not giving it to you, my twitter is on the right, along with my IM, umm, if you can get to my profile (I forgot what website hosts wordpress profiles) but if you find that, then you can find other contact info there. Other than that, you are straight outta luck :3

Okay okay, I will stop boring you to tears now, and will try not to next time… 😦 I just want to make sure you guys know I have not forgotten about you, and that I am just busy *coughlazycough*

Ciao (chow is how it’s pronounced)


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