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I am starting a website with a friend…

August 1, 2011

I have a friend that lives in California. We call him Pkmmte, and he knows some programming like me 😀 soooo, we started a website that we will be putting programs we write, and they will all be free and opensource, because that is the way to go when it comes to software. We don’t have anything yet, I just got the website what I can call finished, like two days ago, or maybe three, I don’t exactly remember 😛

Also, I am going to be on vacation starting today, and getting back Sunday, next week. Not that you guys will miss me very much, hence me never updating this, or that I even have any readers 😛 that will change, hopefully, someday… 😀

Annnddddd I am working on learning some new programming stuffs, like new languages, like Python, 😀 and I want to get a Mac, despite my hate for Apple, it is the only OS that you can program for the iPhone on D: otherwise, I wouldn’t want to get one….


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