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5 things

August 13, 2011

Speaker cable, hairbrush, headphones, pillow and screwdriver.

My past few weeks in a nutshell:

Every Monday and Thursday: work
Uhm, August 10: swimming
August 9: walking
August 11: met Kilev, Merima (sp?) and Christopher
August 12: walking
August 10: update my iPhone
August 10: jailbreak Camie
August: read blogs, twitter, text, not update my blog, sleep, eat, talk, got a “new phone” etc…

I am not good at those 😦
I am currently listening to The Ticking Clock by Submission Red, if I were on the computer I would totally link you to it, but I am not and therefore won’t..
My hair is getting longer, like I like it ^_^
I deleted my myyearbook
I am waiting semi-paitiently for Google+ (I will invite you when the time comes)
iPhone 5 release date is nearing
I have written a few simple programs, if you want to see them tell me, I will get them to you ASAP
My room is looking halfway decent since Keira told me she was cleaning her room, so I decided to clean mine
I didn’t paint my nails
And you guys are probably wondering what the heck these ‘5 things’ are, it is just the 5 things sitting in front of me on my bed, nothing special :3


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