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After I bleached my hair round 1 and 2 (before round 3)


I had been rocking to blessthefall :3

Our work after day one :3 I didnt get a picture of what it looks like now :c

I liked my hair unstraightened here :3

New Idea c:

So, you most likely already know that I don’t really post all that often.. Well, I am coming up with a plan that might get a few more blog posts fit in :3

What’s going to happen is I just continue living my life, and then like once a month, I am going to one or maybe a few blog posts, talking about everything I did during the time period between the two posts.. I will just need to remember to take pictures 😀

So, this shouldn’t be too hard, and after a while I can shorten the time between blog posts and find new topics to write on c:

Updating :p

I got a new hoodie :3

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